The Start-up Visa Program is for talented immigrant entrepreneurs wanting to launch their innovative business in Canada while gaining permanent residency for up to five co-founders and their families. 

Planet Hatch's Start-up Visa gets you to Fredericton (Canada's Startup Capital City) and working on building your business faster than any other entrepreneur-visa program, combining an expedited visa process with three months of intense business acceleration inside our incubation centre.


 We want to see that you are a hard-working, persevering, and diligent team; you not only have made a viable business, but you will put forth the effort and time necessary to continue to grow.

Is Your Business Ready?

Your team must be the right fit for our program. These requirements are set in place to ensure you can make the most of the three month accelerator.

 While we believe every business can make an impact, please note that we are not currently accepting businesses in ideation phase.

Your founding team must be skilled, cross-functional, and coachable.

Business Model & Scalability
What are your distribution channels? What are your expected customer acquisition strategies? What is your revenue model?

Prototype & MVP
You must be able to demonstrate to us what you have built thus far and that you have control of the intellectual property. This includes businesses that are the result of research at university level.

We only accept businesses in the Knowledge Industry (IT, cybersecurity, biotechnology and life sciences, aerospace and defence, advanced manufacturing and design or clean technology).

Customer Traction & Market Validation
You must be able to demonstrate that you have customers (both paying and non-paying). Your business must have clear addressable market segments
 and be aware of who your competitors would be in the North American market. 

choose fredericton

Find out why we're small business savvy and big business bold.

The Perfect Startup City

If you could build the perfect startup city, what would it look like? 

Low operating costs? A clustering environment anchored by firms like IBM,, and Siemens? A billion dollar+ exit track record?

You don't need to build your own city. We built it for you.

Welcome to Fredericton, New Brunswick: Canada's Startup Capital.

Choose Your Lifestyle

Why is Fredericton amongst the top eight cities Millennials are Moving to in Canada?

In Fredericton, you'll spend 118 less hours per year commuting compared to the concrete jungle. Along the way, you'll be saving cash in Canada's 2nd most affordable housing market with your new apartment 10 minutes from the office, bars, and gyms. 

We're built for your business and your lifestyle.

Designed for the Knowledge Economy

Fredericton’s Digital Product Development Living Lab enables innovators to create and validate their products and services in complex real-world settings with real-world users. 

With leading digital infrastructure, a willing user community, and one of Canada’s best research pools, our living lab eco-system attracts the world’s current and future thought leaders in digital products and services. Find out why Siemens Canada, IBM, and Raytheon chose Fredericton’s Digital Product Development Living Lab.

Start-up visa Process

Introducing the only entrepreneur specific visa in the world that grants permanent residency. 

Stage One
Complete an Expression of Interest.

Stage Two
Detail your company in our Start-up Visa Application, describing your team, business, and individuals applying.

Stage Three
Send critical business and immigration documents for thorough assessment and market fit analysis by a 3rd party Due Diligence Committee. 

Stage Four
With approval from the Due Diligence Committee, a Letter of Support is provided to accompany your application package for permanent residency to CIC.

Please Note: Only successful Expressions of Interest will be invited to Stage Two.

stage one:

Expression of Interest