Space rentals

Great space. Flexible options

Planet Hatch offers reasonably priced rental options for a variety of group sizes and needs.
Rental space

The Planet Hatch Community Zone has a 100-standing person and a 40-50 seated person capacity and opens onto the entryway and kitchen facilities. Audio/visual equipment rentals are available for this space. Contact for prices.

Rental space

The Fishbowl is Planet Hatch's glass-walled conference room. Fully equipped with a Smart Board, projector, audio conference equipment, and whiteboard walls, the Fishbowl seats 12 people comfortably. The meeting space is available for $150 per day. 

Rental space

Planet Hatch has three Conference Rooms for rent with audio/visual equipment available. Capacity ranges from 5-8 people, and are available for $100 per day. 

Rental space

Planet Hatch offers four Mentor Zone rooms that measure 6 ft by 10 ft and can seat 2 comfortably. Mentor Zones have three glass walls and one solid wall, along with whiteboard walls, and are available for $50 per day. 


Daniel Minchin
Daniel manages all Planet Hatch space rentals. Connect with him at to discuss your needs.