Hatch alumni

Meet Our Entrepreneurs

You’ll learn a lot from the company we keep. And the companies we’ve helped launch. Since we opened our doors in 2013. Our companies have had a 80% success rate. Here are just a few Planet Hatch alumni: 

HotSpot is transforming the way cities provide parking services and collect parking revenue with its people-centric mobile parking payment app.

Resson helps major agricultural operations around the world monitor their operations and improve crop production and output using drone-collected analytics.

Kognitiv Spark is changing the way offsite experts interact with on-the-job workers in industrial settings by bringing holographic AR visualization technology directly to the job site. 

The Simptek platform uses big data analytics to uncover insights about electricity to increase energy efficiency, cut costs and discover new revenue generating opportunities.

Eigen Innovations is an Internet of Things company that uses artificial intelligence to predict, identify, and resolve problems in the manufacturing process and avoid downstream consequences.

Chinova Bioworks has pioneered the use of mushroom chitosan as a food and beverage preservative, providing a healthy, natural, and beneficial alternative to artificial preservatives.