cafe mentor

cafe mentor

Cafe Mentor is Planet Hatch's pre-requisite program for all incoming entrepreneurs

Program Details

Date: One on one meetups happen as required, on an as needed basis

Time: Mutually agreed upon time/date

Cafe Mentors is the first step in programming from Planet Hatch.  This program is for entrepreneurs who have an idea and need advice on how to take it to the next phase.  The program is designed to pair new entrepreneurs with seasoned business experts who will provide coaching and mentorship.  


This objective of Cafe Mentors is to connect early-stage entrepreneurs with business experts to provide advice for taking their idea to the next phase.

Eligibility/Intake Process

The early-stage entrepreneur registers online to meet with the Cafe Mentor over a cup of coffee.  From this point, the Cafe Mentor pairs the entrepreneur with a suitable mentor who has volunteered their time to work with the entrepreneur.


Early-stage entrepreneurs who need advice on next steps.


The Cafe Mentor is a seasoned business expert and a member of Startup Taskforce Fredericton.  The mentors come from a list of members of the Startup Taskforce Fredericton.


Cafe Mentors happens on an as needed basis.  Individuals register online.


To connect early-stage entrepreneurs with mentors who will challenge their current thinking, help fine-tune their business plan and suggest next steps.  Participants are encouraged to sign up for the next step in programming at Planet Hatch, Business Basics.  


Cafe Mentors usually meet at an agreed upon location such as a coffee shop or public meeting place.  Often Cafe Mentors uses Planet Hatch as a meeting place.  Mentors are added to the list on an on-going basis.