• 2022-10-11

tbk Creative Collaborates In Person at Planet Hatch

These days it's common to work with someone for years and never have me them face-to-face. Melissa McInerny is the CEO of tbk creative, an award-winning, full-service marketing agency headquartered in London, ON. For the past two years, Fredericton-based Jessica Newmann has worked for tbk as a senior copywriter, but until now the two have never met. 

Then Melissa came to Fredericton on business, and so with a short-term rental at Planet Hatch, she and Jessica got to meet face-to-face and collaborate in-person, in a real office, for the first time since Jessica was hired. 

The "tbk" stands for "tagged by kindness," expressing the company's core value of kindness. They've been in business for over a decade, channeling the work of over 40 marketing professionals for their clients, using entrepreneurial thinking and results-based digital marketing.Thanks to tbk for choosing our space, it was great having you!...and to book time at Planet Hatch, call: (506) 453-7150