• 2019-08-13

Sedin Technologies Expands to Fredericton, Refocuses on Canadian Market

Manikanta Raman Anandan has always seen the potential in Sedin Technologies Corporation. Having been with Sedin since its inception in 2006, he only just immigrated to Fredericton in January 2019 to lead the company’s Canadian operations.

Sedin provides IT consulting and software services for startups and enterprise clients. The business’ own product, EAM360, helps large asset intensive industries to manage their plant & facilities assets. Anandan says that the main motivation for starting the company was “the passion to work for startups on cutting edge technology.” Sedin values quality deliverables and empathy towards its customers, which makes it stand out among the business’ competitors.

Anandan’s move to Fredericton was fueled by the company’s desire to enter the United States and Canadian market. Sedin was convinced that Fredericton was the right place to expand in order to achieve this goal when they met with Opportunities NB in Las Vegas. At an IBM event, ONB shared the benefits of moving their operations to Fredericton. Anandan highlights the city’s numerous advantages such as near-shore operations for US clients and the fresh talent that emerges from Fredericton’s universities.

Although their target market is the United States, he says that, “within 6 months of setting up our business in Fredericton, we have already acquired some prestigious clients in Canada.”

These demonstrated results have inspired Sedin to grow its Fredericton team. Anandan says that the company’s goal is to have a 10 person team by the end of 2019, and a 40 member Canadian team within the next two years.

This anticipated growth is reflected in the development of Anandan’s own role at Sedin. In 2006, he served as a mentor to the business’ initial founders, headquartered in Chennai, India. Later on, in 2012, he joined as a stakeholder to the quickly developing business.

Anandan’s commitment to Sedin’s vision has paid off. Now, he acts as Director and Chief Financial Officer for Sedin, managing the company’s finances and Strategic Account Management across the globe.

The company will place a greater focus on the Canadian market as it continues to grow, “especially in the areas of IT solutions for startups, manufacturing, mining, public utilities, power plants, pharma, and life sciences,” says Anandan.

For now, Sedin’s Fredericton location has its home in Planet Hatch, which was selected due to its “vibrant atmosphere of various startups.”

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About Sedin

Sedin provides IT consulting and software services for startups and enterprise clients. Headquartered in Chennai, India since its inception in 2006, the company recently expanded to Fredericton to better access US and Canadian markets.

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