• 2022-08-29

Newcomer Pitch Competition Winners!

It takes guts to stand up in front of an audience and try to sell an idea. It takes even more guts if you’re in a strange new country just learning the culture. Yet that’s just what happened at the Planet Hatch Newcomer Pitch Competition on Friday, August 26th. We are impressed with the level of competence and ingenuity displayed by many newcomers to Fredericton who will surely add new facets to our economy in the years to come. 


While there are cash prizes for the best pitches in various categories, all participants were winners. Pitches for everything from film to food, from homeschooling to renewable energy came in. Our panel of judges Tosin Ajibola, Jeremy DeMerchant, Oriana Cordido, Aaron Cushing, Laïla Theriault, and Mike Blanchard, gave feedback and deliberated carefully before suppertime.

We want to thank our judges for taking this rather sizable chunk out of their day to provide mentorship to up-and-coming business owners. And now without further ado... Here are the results!


Idea (Elevator) pitch


1st - Adora Igunma with Adir Consulting ($1300)

2nd - Abhilesh Sharma & Kevin Lauren Abraham with Move-In ($900)

3rd - Enoch Adekiitan with Gidle ($400)

Audience Choice: Best Pitch - Abhilesh Sharma & Kevin Lauren Abraham with Move-In ($200)

Audience Choice: Best Idea - Abhilesh Sharma & Kevin Kevin Lauren Abraham with Move-In ($200)


Business Plan pitch


1st - Juliana Duque with HomeschoolToGo ($3,000)

2nd - Seun Adeyemo with CleanMeter ($2,000)

3rd - Lopsii Olagoke with TosMos ($1,000)

Audience Choice: Lopsii Olagoke with TosMos ($500)

Audience Choice: Lopsii Olagoke with TosMos ($500)


We want to congratulate our winners, and we want to congratulate everyone who showed up and had the courage to present a creative idea to a group of strangers. We encourage you all to persevere and follow your vision!