• 2019-08-28

Meet Ksenia

Ksenia Sehic, Planet Hatch's Program Coordinator

Born in Bosnia, Ksenia Sehic immigrated at a young age with her family to Fredericton, New Brunswick. Although Ksenia has spent the majority of her life as a Canadian, the family history is rich with the Bosnian culture and the understanding of immigrating to a brand new life in a new country for safety, peace and new opportunities.

Ksenia is a graduate from St. Thomas University and holds a double major in Human Rights and Sociology. Before joining Planet Hatch, Ksenia was the Program Coordinator for The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, assisting her team run the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program (BIMP) and Succession Connect Program. 

In June of 2019 the city of Fredericton implemented a new Immigration Strategy that aligned the services currently being offered to newcomers. This transferred Ksenia and the BIMP Program over to Planet Hatch - giving Ksenia a larger program coordination profile and a broader profile of clients within the economic development ecosystem.   

Previously Ksenia was employed by the Province of NB with the Population Growth Division in Immigration. Working within the government has helped her gain knowledge on the immigration initiatives and programs and the importance it plays in the economic growth of our province. Prior to that Ksenia has also been involved with business start-ups and is familiar with the work and programs currently being offered within the Fredericton eco-system. 

Her personal and professional experiences will align to support our work and she comes in with a strong understanding of our mandate in supporting economic development in NB and the importance therein.

Fredericton is home for Ksenia and she is a big advocate for the beauty that this city possess. She loves to spend time outdoors biking, playing volleyball and enjoying the local food scene.

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