• 2021-09-20

Client Profile: Laura Clendenning

Say hello to Laura Clendenning, the Founder & Head Coach of Sweat Club and Sweat Supplements - and a Planet Hatch alumni. 

Sweat Club is a boutique-style gym offering small group classes, private personal training, online workouts, and nutrition. The Sweat Supplements lineup currently consists of a pre-workout and a recovery formula in a variety of flavours.

Laura was born in Woodstock, NB, but moved to Fredericton as a child and considers herself a local. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UNB and moved to Vancouver for several years after completing her degree. Upon her return to Fredericton in 2017, she says she felt lost and unsure of what to do next. 

After browsing the Ignite Fredericton website, Laura downloaded a business plan template and got to work on a proposal for Sweat Club. She went on to meet with Planet Hatch and secured a SEED loan. 

“Planet Hatch really did help get it off the ground, and they’ve been supportive ever since,” Laura said. “They’re always there to help.” 

In addition to obtaining funding, Laura also took part in the Sales Accelerator program offered at Planet Hatch and attended the Founders Forum as both an attendee and a speaker in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

Sweat Club officially opened in May of 2019 and quickly found a loyal following. But, along with several other businesses, the gym had to temporarily close its doors in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. Fortunately, staff and members were able to pivot to online programs quickly. 

While some people took things easy during lockdown, Laura got to work on a business plan for Sweat Supplements. It launched in December of 2020. 

“I love entrepreneurship. I wholeheartedly love it as much as fitness I would say.” 

Sweat Club and Sweat Supplements cumulatively have a team of nine employees. As a local business owner with two successful companies, Laura’s advice to new entrepreneurs is simple, but important: 

“Do your research. Make sure it’s something people want, because these are the people that are going to be supporting you. If it’s a service-based business, a good business plan is imperative.”