• 2022-03-24

Hannah Watson - Snak.

Meet Hannah Watson! She’s the creator of Snak., a wholesale food company that sells fresh snack foods made from natural ingredients. 

Hannah and her partner, Alex Mollegaard, aim to make snacking easier and healthier by creating healthy, enjoyable snacks with simple ingredients. “People are spending all this money and all this time trying to figure out what the best thing is to eat and if you just eat food in the most simplified form, you’re going to get what you need,” said Hannah. 

One thing Hannah has always been certain of is her passion for health, wellness, and of course, food. “Alex and I have always been really big food people,” she said. 

Snak. started off as a small booth at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, where Hannah met other local entrepreneurs who helped guide her through the process of starting a business. 

“The support that you get in the Fredericton community when you start a business is unlike any other. It’s like the most encouraging environment ever.” 

When Hannah was looking for funding to purchase equipment for her commercial kitchen, she applied for a loan facilitated by Planet Hatch. She says she found many large institutions don’t provide the same opportunities for entrepreneurs just starting out and she is fortunate to have Planet Hatch in her corner. 

“If somebody didn’t give me a handout and a chance when I was starting out, I wouldn’t be where I am,” she said. 

Today, Snak. products can be found in 40 retail stores throughout New Brunswick. Hannah has also been able to hire two new team members.