• 2021-12-15

Client Profile: Cody Ruberto

Meet Cody Ruberto! He’s the CEO of Uride, a ride sharing service that brings cost effective transportation solutions to small towns and cities. 

The idea for Uride came to Cody in 2017. After a professional soccer career with the Cefn Druids in Wales, he suffered a serious injury that put his career on pause. While he was recovering from his injury, he noticed a problem in his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

“Anytime I’d go out at the end of the night, I’d see crowds of people stranded with no ride home.” 

Cody said high wait times for taxi services often led people to drive under the influence or walk home in freezing temperatures.  

“It was just a major problem that we thought shouldn't exist,” he said. 

Cody spent his evenings giving people free rides as a solution but said he couldn’t put a dent in the large crowds.  

That’s when he decided to create his own ride sharing company - Uride. 

Cody had no previous experience with business, and though there were challenges along the way, he said his resourcefulness and drive were key to his success. 

“You're going to have to learn on the fly, and you're going to have to get really good at just learning to figure things out,” he said. 

That tenacity has paid off: Uride now has a management team of more than 20 people and hundreds of drivers across the country. 

While on a business trip to Fredericton to see if there was a market for Uride in the capital region, he learned about the city’s growing tech industry while chatting with a bartender downtown.  

“He told me about Planet Hatch, so I went to go check it out and it really was an incredible place,” he said. “The staff there were awesome. They were super supportive, super helpful.” 

Cody says being able to work out of an office with other entrepreneurs helped him make more connections with local companies and start-ups.  

“One thing that I find in Fredericton is everybody makes you feel pretty welcome,” he said. “Everybody was just like, doors wide open and willing to help.” 

There is no official launch date for Uride in Fredericton at the moment, but Cody hopes to have the service available soon. For now, people can download the app to get notified when it launches. Uride is also still accepting driver applications at Uridetech.com 

“It really is a community effort to change transportation in Fredericton and we’re excited to work with the community on this,” said Cody.