• 2022-05-06

Asad Khan - Halal Station

Meet Asad Khan, owner of Halal Station, an online grocery store that exclusively sells 100% halal products.

Asad moved to Fredericton with his family in 2019 and it only took a few days before he connected with Planet Hatch for a newcomer workshop.

Not long after, Asad and his wife decided to start their own catering business. “After a few months we realized there is a gap in the market and we wanted to test that opportunity and we launched an online platform with the name Halal Station.”

Halal refers to a process or standard of food that is prepared in a way that follows the guidelines accepted by Islamic Law.

While larger supermarkets sell some halal products such as packaged chicken, Asad says it is difficult to find other cuts of meat such as goat, lamb and beef.

Halal Station offers a wide variety of South Asian products including spices, lentils, beverages, and the ever-popular range of halal meats.

This online grocery platform is not Asad’s first start up business in Canada. Originally from Pakistan, Asad has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and had several career shifts before launching his first start-up in Dubai.

This experience helped him create his business plan and gave him the know-how to do market research in Fredericton. The experience also helped him create his business plan and secure funding from Planet Hatch with an Impact loan.

“I much appreciate the support of Planet Hatch. Without that support, I would not reach where I am with this business.”

Asad says the relatively small market and areas for potential growth make Fredericton a great place to test new products or services.

“[Fredericton] is really a good market, especially for SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) or especially for start-ups," says Asad, “it has a lot of opportunities.”

Asad recently expanded Halal Station to open his first 100% Halal meat store in Moncton called Pure Meats. He has plans to continue growing and expanding the brand to make halal options more accessible.

“There’s a long way to go for what I have envisioned for the brand.”

Check out Halal Station and Pure Meats.