• 2022-01-24

Client Profile: Amy Parrill

Meet Amy Parrill! Amy is the founder and CEO of Parrill + Co and is a franchising owner of Leadership Management International (LMI) Canada. Parrill + Co is a performance excellence firm that provides the tools leaders and organizations need to nurture their people and actualize their personal and collective success.   

“When an organization is seeking personal improvement, increased employee production or an enhanced company culture, our development programs support every leadership need,” said Amy.  

By focusing on aspects like management development, personal motivation, goal setting and effective communication, her work translates to enhanced individual performance, increased leadership awareness, and measurable business results. 

Having had clients who had participated in Planet Hatch programs, Amy realized that they were business development opportunities that she could apply for and use in scaling her company. “It allowed me to reimagine how I did business.”  

Amy participated in the Sales Accelerator Program at Planet Hatch as well as the Exporter Igniter Program in 2020.   

She believes Planet Hatch is “key to supporting our community in providing opportunities to entrepreneurs” and hopes to continue referring her clients to Planet Hatch programming after finding value in it firsthand.  

Amy has won several awards with LMI Canada and is now nominated for the 2021 Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award in the New Business Award category.   

Her advice for other entrepreneurs and business owners is to not be afraid to ask for help. She said the Fredericton area and Planet Hatch communities are more than happy to offer their support. “There’s so much help out there,” said Amy, “it’s powerful to see.”