Acceleration programs

Startup Accelerator Program 

Planet Hatch Startup Accelerator Program is an acceleration program that provides entrepreneurs with the essential skills and knowledge to turn a great idea into a profitable, growing business.

Business Immigrant Essentials Program

Planet Hatch Business Immigrant Essentials Accelerator is an acceleration program that helps newcomer entrepreneurs start and scale their business fast with the essential skills and knowledge for Canadian entrepreneurship success.

Start-up Visa

The Start-up Visa Program is for talented immigrant entrepreneurs wanting to launch their innovative business in Canada while gaining permanent residency for up to five co-founders and their family.  

The Sales Accelerator Program

The Sales Accelerator Program is a 6 week intensive training program that helps entrepreneurs build their sales pipeline, develop skills to close deals fast, and drive revenue for scalable growth. Participants in the Sales Accelerator program receive: comprehensive sales training from industry experts, access to a fully-funded, post-secondary student intern to help, access to up to $25,000 in funding. Graduates will leave the program with a fully developed sales plan and pipeline, qualified leads, necessary skills to negotiate & ‘close the deal’, and predictable recurring revenue to scale.

Export Igniter

Export Igniter is a 12-week acceleration program that helps growth-stage companies navigate the complexities of international business and break into new market. Participants will receive comprehensive programming, mentorship and resources. Graduates leave ready to tackle their new market with a comprehensive export and sales strategy. 

Management Accelerator Program 

Planet Hatch Management Accelerator Program is an acceleration program that helps entrepreneurs transition their venture from the start-up phase to a fully-fledged, established business.